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About Us

The Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association (SANA) is a voluntary welfare organisation registered under The Societies Act on 19 August 1972. It was approved as a charity under The Charities Act on 19 August 1972.

SANA is affiliated to the National Council of Social Service. All outright donations to SANA are tax-exempt.

SANA was first established to assist in the rehabilitation of drug addicts and provide assistance and support wherever necessary. SANA's association with anti-drug work has made it a household name and it is well recognised in the region as an established anti-drug non-government organisation.

Sana Logo


The SANA logo comprises two rings forming the letter 'S'.

The letter 'S' represents SANA and the red ring represents the caring community while the grey ring represents the drug abusers or potential victims of drug abuse.

Symbolically, the new logo reaffirms SANA's role in forging the community's embrace of and support for reforming drug abusers and our partnership with them as we strive relentlessly towards a drug-free Singapore.

To mobilise our community against drug abuse and strive towards a DRUG-FREE SINGAPORE.

His Excellency The President of the Republic of Singapore



Mrs Quek Bin Hwee


Dr Ismail Hanif

Hon. Secretary

Mr Eugene Lai

Hon. Treasurer

Mr Tan Seck Kang


Mrs Gillian Koh-Tan
Mr Raja Segaran Arumugam
Mr K Murugayan
Dr Chook Kum Kay
Dr Kalyani K Mehta
Mr Suhaimi Rafdi
Dr Jeffrey Po Gim Tee


Ms Aileen Tan (Ministry of Social & Family Development)
Ms Chew Huey Ching (Ministry of Home Affairs/CNB)
Ms Clarin Wee (People's Association)
Dr Thomas Lee Kae Meng (Singapore Medical Association)




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Tel : 6732 1122 Fax : 6732 4564
  Mon-Fri : 8.30am - 6.00pm

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