Your child/friend has just passed the test at our SANA Anti-Drug & inhalant Abuse Badge Scheme.

One of the requirements of the Badge Scheme is to perform the role of a "transfer agent" to spread the anti-drug abuse message to friends. Upon completion of this on-line project, he/she will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement as well as a badge.

Through the knowledge gained from your transfer agent friend, kindly complete this questionnaire by yourself and this form will be submitted to the Headquarters for verification.

* For Students: Please click here to check the number of submissions that you have.


1) Which of the following does drug abuse refer to?
   Taking drugs prescribed by a doctor
   Taking drugs for fun
   Taking drugs for medical reasons

2) Give one reason why people abuse drugs.

3) Which is the most commonly - abused drug in Singapore at present?
   Synthetic drugs

4) Name one reason why drug abuse is negative and deadly.

5) When one of your good friends offers you drugs, state one way of refusing it.

I declare that has informed me about the anti-drug abuse messages. I have neither been interviewed in a similar situation nor attended any SANA Badge Scheme Course before. I have completed this Questionnaire accordingly on my own. (If you have forgotten your child/friend's Badge ID, click here.)

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