I hope one day I can do prison counselling and bring hope and encouragement to my brothers inside.

Alvin came from a broken home. At age 11 he took drugs, given by his father, an opium addict. By his mid-teen, he became an addict, hooked on heroin. His first arrest was in 1998, the year he got married. He continued his drug-fuelled lifestyle and in 2006, his wife left him taking their two young children along. “I felt alone and sank deeper into depression. I blamed everyone but myself.” And used that as excuse to take more drugs. Back in prison again, Alvin chanced upon a SANA volunteer counsellor who offered him friendship, advice and hope. He was released but relapsed soon after. In 2008, went to a halfway house where he continued battling with drugs addiction. “That was the worst point in my life. I was like a devil. I even took drugs inside.” However, under the guidance of its director and SANA’s volunteer counsellors, he turned his life around. His wife, seeing his sincere efforts at making a change, gave their marriage a second chance and returned to him with their children. His life slowly regained normalcy and he found a job where he was soon promoted to a manager level. Today Alvin is a loving husband, father and SANA

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