I love my life now; I feel wonderful.

About 20 years ago, Shaharuddin was almost hanged for drug possession. Today he is a Diploma-holder, a successful chef at a leading hotel and SANA Peer leader. After abusing drugs for decades, Shaharuddin knew he had to make a life-changing decision if he wanted to come out of it alive.

He first took drugs at age 16 and was imprisoned more than 13 times. In 1994, he was found with 10 sachets of heroin, but due to a technicality, escaped the gallows and served a jail term. But drug-abuse continued. In 2008, age 38, Shaharuddin found himself behind bars again. He lost his self-esteem and family support and felt sickened. “The journey was inside me. I had to discipline myself or things would never change.”

He needed to prove he could succeed one step at a time. In prison, Shaharuddin enrolled in SHATEC’s culinary course. He left prison for the last time in January 2012 and in December that year he graduated with a Diploma in Culinary Skills. “I love my life now. I feel wonderful.”

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