Staying above the influence for good.

The Youth Enhanced Supervision (YES) Scheme is a 6-month programme for first-time drug offenders aged 21 and below.

YES seeks to enhance the current drug supervision regime with casework and counselling, in addition to urine supervision.  This programme requires family participation, as family support is integral to rehabilitation. The Scheme adopts a motivational approach and incorporates relapse prevention techniques.

I learnt that being assertive and communicating are key to resolving issues. I also found that intrinsic motivation is far superior to extrinsic motivation in the long-term in quitting drugs.

SYAH, age 21

It was helpful to know how to ward off the temptation for drugs when they are offered to me. I learnt that understanding and realising decisions we make can cause hurt not only to ourselves but to everyone around us. I believe it is important not to make impulsive decisions. Think twice about the consequences before you act.

NEO, age 21