Approach to Rehab in Singapore

Singapore adopts an abstinence-based approach to address the drug situation. We adopt a zero-tolerance stance towards drugs and the approach entails the following:

  • Running preventive drug education programmes to raise awareness on the harms of drug abuse;

  • Using tough laws and effective enforcement to tackle the drug demand and supply;

  • Employing evidence-based rehabilitation approach to reduce the risk of relapse among drug abusers; and

  • Engaging families and communities to be part of the anti-drug efforts.

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The Biopsychosocial Model and How it is applied in SANA’s Intervention

The Biopsychosocial Model is a multidisciplinary model that draws focus to the 3 areas of a person’s life and how they interact. There are multiple factors that may draw a person to drug abuse and these can be classified under the Bio, Psycho and Social aspects of the person’s life.

SANA applies this model in conjunction with the Risk Needs and Responsivity Principle to help SANA case workers zoom into factors that affect the recovery of an ex-drug addict, either as areas to prioritize or areas to cover when discussing Relapse Prevention Plans.

Intervention Approach for Clients on the Case Management Services (CMS)

Journey of a Client under CMS

When a client is referred to SANA for CMS, the case worker will begin by engaging client in the institution to conduct our intake and rapport building sessions. Home visits to client families (where available) will be conducted during this period as well.

In the Community Programming phase, case workers will follow up with clients monthly and their families quarterly. Case workers will work with clients on maintaining their abstinence and building relapse prevention strategies based on their presenting issues.

Post programme, case workers will link clients up with our Step-Up Centre if they are agreeable. The Centre offers various services such as support groups, financial assistance, job search and also para-counsellors to meet them should they require.

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Stats of Drug Abuse in Singapore

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