Conference on Recovery and Desistance from Substance Abuse

Amplified Voices: Persons in Recovery

Notice of 50th Annual General Meeting of SANA

Notice of 49th Annual General Meeting of SANA

Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting of SANA 2021

64th Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) Side Events

SANA Charity Donation Draw 2021

Webinar on Asian Best Practices in Recovery and Treatment

SANA Webinar: Impact of Incarceration & Drug Abuse on Families and Children

How exactly does drug abuse and incarceration impact families? What more can we do to assist families and children in this situation?


The Annual ‘Rise Above – Overcoming the Influence’ campaign was launched on 30 June 2018. The campaign aims to counter the softening stance and misperception toward drugs; garner mindshare and support for a drug-free Singapore; and to co-create preventive solutions and projects with community partners and stakeholders. Schools and youths join the campaign to initiate their own anti-drug projects.


Each year, SANA hosts the Volunteer & Donor Appreciation Nite (SANA Nite), an annual dinner and awards presentation to celebrate the achievements and contributions of our volunteers and donors. More than 200 volunteers and supporters attend the event.

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