Family Support

Families are our first line of defense and act as a protective factor. Strong and positive family relationships help recovering persons get through their challenges, break the cycle of re-offending and prevent inter-generational offending.

Services Offered

Families are offered mediation assistance and participation in bonding activities, talks and support groups.


Called FR-EEd (which stands for Families in Recovery – Engaged and Empowered), family members are helped to understand and work through the recovery process of their loved ones. The programme is presented in two parts.

  1. Family Engagement Talk: Family members are provided with information on addiction and a non-judgmental space for them to share the stresses and strains they face in living with a recovering person.
  2. Family Support Group (FSG). This takes place after each Family Engagement Talk.


Family support and a personal belief to change indicate a commitment to start anew. SANA provides a safe platform for persons in recovery and their families to foster, promote and rekindle familial bonds.


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