RISE ABOVE THE INFLUENCE, Live Smart – Be In Control

Guest of Honour Mr Desmond Lee and SANA Board Members jumping for positive action!  From left: Mr K Murugayan, Mrs Quek Bin Hwee (President), Mr Desmond Lee (GOH), Mr Douglas Ooi, Mr Bal Bagary (partially hidden), Dr Ismail Hanif and Mr Tan Seck Kang. 

Our vibrant new SANA logo carries positive messages of self-esteem and determination and inspires youths to take positive action and stay away from drugs.

The new brand was launched officially on 24 March 2017 by Mr Desmond Lee, then Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Home Affairs and National Development (Mr Lee is now Second Minister of Home Affairs and National Development).

Mr Lee also announced SANA’s talk2SANA, an online portal that provides an entry to a range of information, resources and services, comprising the following:

  1. E-RESOURCE: Provides information and advice on drug-abuse, substance addiction and the consequences to students and parents.

Learning through Sharing: You can read the experiences of ex-addicts who have successfully overcome their addiction. Or you may wish to share your own personal stories on drug-abuse.

  1. E-LEARNING: An interactive module where students can download the SANA Learning Management System. The link also provides training materials on drug abuse which can be assessed by the public.
  1. LIVE CHAT: An on-line service open to those concerned with drug abuse or addiction, in particular, those aged 14 and above.  The service aims to provide preventive drug education on drug taking behaviours and promote self-efficacy in youths.

“Their (SANA’s) focus on young people is timely, given the growing trend of first time drug abuse among people below the age of 30.” –  Mr Desmond Lee wrote on his Facebook Page

SANA Peer Leader Noor Halis, at the launch of the SANA New Identity, sharing how SANA’s programmes helped him. That was his first public sharing