Everyday Simple Actions, New Aspirations!

SANA believes if you want to stay progressive, you need to set goals that will take you forward, improve your life and make things better for yourself and the people that matter

We provide a wide array of assistance, through our long-standing casework and counselling.

All of this comes together at our dedicated SANA Step-Up Centre – a safe and friendly environment to support client expectations and acceptance. SANA counsellors adopt a motivational approach and incorporate relapse prevention techniques.

Additionally, SANA collaborates with corporate organisations and government agencies to connect our clients to avenues of assistance. Some partner organisations we work with include:

  • National Addictions Management Service (NAMS)
  • Community Development Councils (CDCs)
  • Social Service Offices (SSOs)
  • Luxasia Foundation

Free legal advice through the Legal Clinic is available to all SANA’s clients and their families and SANA volunteers who offer in-care counseling.

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Step-Up Centre

Step-Up Centre

Step up in a neutral, positive, and supportive environment.



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