My Choices, Actions, Thoughts, And Words All Have An Impact On The People Around Me.

Case Management Services (CMS) is an aftercare programme which offers support, casework and counselling to ex-offenders and their families to help them re-integrate back into our society.

This comprises a two-month pre-release counselling phase and 6-months of aftercare counselling upon their release. There is an optional 3 to 12 months of follow-up counselling, if necessary.

SANA counsellors work together with ex-offenders and their family members on issues such as managing expectations and acceptance. Under the right circumstances, family counselling helps minimise and potentially resolves family conflicts and differences.

The most important factor in the reintegration journey is the motivation of the ex-offender to change for the better as well as the presence of strong family support. When they have the correct attitude, people like SANA will come into play. We don’t judge, we listen and we help. So we help them create a better sense of awareness of what they can do, how they cope with everyday stresses.

– Mr S. Bala, Case Manager