Rise Above Peer Pressure, Instant Thrills, and Self Doubt.

As our at-risk segments become younger, more affluent, and more diverse from a social demographic perspective, the underlying concerns and fringe issues around drug abuse have become more related to social pressures and self-esteem issues.

The SANA Badge Scheme, which started in 1977, impacts more than 5,000 youths a year. This programme is a half-day motivational workshop for secondary school students from the uniformed groups. The workshop gives them information on illegal drugs, the harmful consequences of drug abuse and how to lead healthy lifestyles without relying on substances. The course ends with an online assessment. Upon completion, they each receive a customised SANA Badge.



Participating Uniform Groups include the following:

  • Boys’ Brigade Singapore
  • Girls’ Brigade Singapore
  • Girl Guides Singapore
  • National Civil Defence Cadet Corps
  • National Police Cadet Corps
  • The Singapore Scout Association
  • St. John Singapore