Step Up to the challenge of a better life.

The setting up of the Step-Up Centre where ex-offenders can drop in for assistance was mooted three years ago, following the findings of the Taskforce on Drugs led by the Ministry of Home Affairs.  The Step-Up Centre enables recovering drug addicts to intentionally “step up” to the challenges faced in their recovery and reintegration in a positive and supportive environment.

Social recovery and reintegration cannot happen without the support of trained counsellors, family and friends. The new centre has been designed as a hub where support networks can meet and work together to help the ex-offender “step up” to change, and “step out” into society with renewed confidence.

This work goes beyond SANA’s Aftercare phase in that it offers support not just to ex-users, but also to current drug users who have not been caught, but are keen to stop their drug use. In fact, anyone who needs information and advice on drug-abuse can walk in without an appointment and seek advice and information on a range of issues, join a support group, get legal advice or seek counselling and mediation.


Other Programmes and Services at our Step-Up Centre:

  • Financial Assistance
    Adjustment into the society can be a stressful period. SANA provides support with a STARTER KIT (food vouchers, EZ Link Card) and EMERGENCY FUND for immediate and short-term needs.
  • Legal Assistance
    Free legal consultation on family, matrimonial, child custody, crimimal and commercial matters.
  • Housing Assistance
    Helping ex-offenders who need urgent and short-term accommodation.
  • Skills Training and Employment Assistance
    To help ex-offenders re-enter the workforce, SANA provides skills training, job referrals, online job search assistance, resumé writing and interview coaching.
  • Family Support and Mediation Assistance
    Family support and a personal belief to change indicate a commitment to start anew. SANA provides a safe platform for ex-offenders and their families to foster, promote and rekindle familial bonds.
  • Support Groups
    Offering a safe platform for clients and families to share experiences and gain emotional support during recovery. Support Groups are held on Thursdays and Saturdays.
    Currently our Support Groups are as follows:

    • Families Support Group
    • Peer Support Group (Men & Women)