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Youths Collaborate in Awareness Campaign

Stepping up to lend their support in choosing positive lifestyles, these youths participated in a Futsal Tournament co-organised with Tasek Jurong Pte Ltd. It was one of the activities at the official opening of our Step-Up Centre at Taman Jurong in 2019 which coincided with our month-long Rise Above campaign.


Our para-counsellors provide guidance and counselling to walk-in clients at our Step-Up Centres in Sengkang and Taman Jurong. Our para-counsellors are trained in psychology, counselling or social work. Training is provided.

Supporting our Corporate Events

Making a difference with your skills in photography, videography, design and organizing.   Events include Charity Golf, Family Activities and Outreach.

Roadshows and Outreach

Our interactions with students and the public help to create a deeper understanding of the importance of prevention strategies in fighting drug abuse. We work with educational institutions, half-way houses, community organisations and non-profit agencies.

Empowerment through Training

SANA’s Christian RGV teamed up with Teen Challenge to organise a training session titled ‘Mentoring Strategies for Befrienders.

Get READY with me for Anti-Drug Abuse

Students from Temasek Polytechnic, School of Business, worked on a project titled “Get R.E.A.D.Y. with me for Anti-Drug Abuse”. Through their poster, they hope to spread awareness on anti-drug abuse among youths in Singapore and encourage them to seek help when needed. During the process, they researched on the topics and also carried out a survey to find out more about their peers’ points of view on anti-drug awareness.

Anti-Drug Project

Students from Temasek Polytechnic, School of Informatics & IT completed 4 educational posters on the dangers of drugs. They wished to increase the awareness on anti-drug abuse and experimented with various online applications to complete their posters.

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