The SANA Badge Scheme was introduced in 1977 to create awareness of substance abuse. The scheme provides students with information on substance abuse, the consequences of it, and how they can handle situations when faced with temptation, without turning to substance abuse.

Students also learn that apart from government agencies and community partners, individuals too have an important role in keeping our country free from the perils of drugs and substance abuse.

The course ends with an online assessment where each student receives a customised SANA Badge.

In 2018, we piloted the tier-based proficiency system, comprising 3 tiers – Bronze, Silver and Gold. In the Bronze stage, students attend a half-day workshop and are required to pass an online assessment. Silver and Gold tiers are targeted at promoting advocacy. Students are encouraged to take on activities / projects that involve civic engagement and collective action in the community. With the new enhancement, SANA hopes to further engage and rally young individuals as anti-drug advocates.