Be a Positive Influence. Every bit of generosity goes a long way in making a difference to our recovering clients. Whether you volunteer time or support us financially, you are a positive influence in the lives of our clients and the people around them.

Time to make a difference


hours served annually by volunteers in the areas of:

SANA Kakis

Step-Up Centre Volunteers 

Religious Group of Volunteers

Yellow Riboon Community Project (YRCP) Volunteers

Peer Leaders


What you need to know about Volunteering with SANA

Should you decide to apply for a volunteering opportunity, you will need to provide a set of required information as part of the application form. A SANA representative will be in touch to follow-up and conduct a requisite screener.

Your time matters.

Thank you for stepping up to volunteer with SANA.

Positions available



Effectively engage Persons-in-Recovery (PIRs) regularly through messaging and phone calls to check on their well-being based on guided questions

Record progress of PIRs in e-form and submit at least once in 3 months

Refer PIRs to SANA if PIRs needs any form of assistance

Arrange face-to-face meet ups with PIRs whenever necessary

Engage PIRs at various pro-social activities organised by SANA

[Ample training and guidance will be provided by SANA and its partners.]


Able to write and communicate clearly in English

Above the age 25 (Students who are pursuing undergraduate studies in counselling, psychology and/or social work are most welcome)

Commitment period of at least 2 years”