“We assist people in recovery from drug addiction – helping them Rise Above drug abuse and negativity – to a full, new life of meaning and purpose. By informing people about drugs and drug use, we seek to support prevention in our community.”

Youth are engaged on drug issues on a deeper level through the SANA Badge Scheme and other preventive drug outreach efforts.

Celebrating the contributions and efforts of our wonderful volunteers and partners.

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The Step-Up Centre was conceived to enable recovering drug users to intentionally ‘step up’ to the challenge of rehabilitation and social recovery, in a positive and supportive environment.

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Public Engagement

Taking the message to youths: Peer Leader Wayne Lee goes to college campuses to share our preventive drug education efforts.

“According to statistics, 61 per cent of new abusers arrested in 2019 were below 30. Rise Above is a call to use your influence and impact those around you with messages of hope and empowerment.” – Dr Jade Kua, SANA President

“My father was an opium addict. I started with glue sniffing at the age of 11 and I went on to stronger, more dangerous drugs. I was a mess in every way. I wanted to take my life….” Peer Leader Alvin Chiong.


Stories of Success and Support